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Paul Stiglich
General Manager

South Fork Kings Groundwater Sustainability Agency (GSA)


Board Hires New General Manager

The South Fork Kings Groundwater Sustainability Agency Board approved the hiring of Paul Stiglich as their new General Manger at the January 26 Special Board meeting.

"The task at hand is to manage the groundwater basin in the South Fork Kings Groundwater Sustainability Agency (GSA), I see that this will be no easy job as there are many competing interest and diverse Stakeholders involved in this process," noted Stiglich. "However, just as water has the power to cut deeply into hard rock, not because it is strong but because of its patience and perseverance. This too is how I plan to tackle this awesome endeavor of managing this GSA, with patience, perseverance with a bucket of tenacity."

Stiglich has extensive experience in groundwater, agricultural and municipal water management. As a founding member of the San Gabriel Basin Water Quality Authority, Stiglich worked on the clean up of one of the largest contaminated groundwater sites in the nation. Stiglich also was engaged for several years in statewide water resource issues through his service on the Board of the Three Valleys Municipal Water District, which is a member agency of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. Most recently, Stiglich was general manager of the June Lake Public Utilities District.

“I am grateful to the Board for the opportunity to lead the GSA,” stated Stiglich. “I am looking forward to getting in the field and hearing from landowners and stakeholders on the types of projects and programs that best accomplish groundwater sustainability for the South Fork Kings region.”


Mr. Stiglich would like to hear from you about your concerns and/or comments regarding the management of the South Fork Kings Groundwater Sustainability Agency.

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