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Prop 218 Property Assessment | Revised Aug 31, 2023 (Different URL)

Revised (August 31, 2023), Proposition 218 Property Assessment

At the august 31, 2023 Special Board meeting, the Directors of the South Fork Kings Groundwater Sustainability Agency (SFKGSA) approved an amended Engineer’s Report to conduct a new Proposition 218 Election. This updated Engineer’s report reflects the will of the land owners within the SFKGSA when they voiced their rejection for a $20 per acre property assessment at the Public Hearing held on July 27, 2023.

The updated Engineer’s Report is amended and reduces the property assessment to $10.10 per acre which is only $0.30 higher than the previously approved assessment in 2018.  This amended Engineer’s Report is prepared in accordance with State law to describe an equitable distribution of the benefit assessments to be derived by each parcel within the Agency upon which such assessments will be levied.

The report discusses benefits of the Agency’s organization, proposed actions, and services provided by the South Fork Kings Groundwater Sustainability Agency.  Please take the time to review this amended Engineer’s Report, and if you have questions about its content, please reach out to the SFKGSA’s General Manager (Mr. Paul Stiglich) at the following email address:

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