Subbasin Coordination

CA DWR outlines the three options for developing and implementing Groundwater Sustainability Plan’s (GSP’s) in a subbasin. According to the law, a GSP may:

  1. Be a single GSP developed and implemented by one GSA covering the entire subbasin
  2. Be a single GSP developed and implemented by multiple GSA’s covering the entire subbasin
  3. Be multiple GSP’s developed and implemented by multiple GSA’s under a formal coordination agreement covering the entire subbasin

The South Fork Kings GSA is one of six GSA’s within the Tulare Lake Subbasin. The GSAs are moving forward with option 2, and as such will be coordinating to develop and submit a single Plan for implementation. The Plan will outline each GSA’s role in the Subbasin’s path toward sustainability.


There are currently no documents for review.

Tulare Lake Subbasin GSAs 

The six GSAs of the Tulare Lake Subbasin have agreed to coordinate with one another to complete one final GSP for the entire subbasin. Although there will be one GSP, each GSA will have the opportunity to include management practices and projects that fit the needs of its specific management area.

Tulare Lake Subbasin GSA’s

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Alpaugh Irrigation District GSA

El Rico GSA

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