The SFKGSA is seeking responses from qualified firms with interest in providing technical services related to scoping, financing and preparing a GSP, or portion of a GSP, covering the agency service area. Responses are due July 7, 2017. Additional information is contained within the RFQ document and in the Q&A below.

SFKGSA Request for Qualifications for Technical and Engineering Services

Answers to Questions Received:

Q: I had read on the SFKGSA website ( that a consultant had been selected to provide initial hydrogeologic support with a scope of work similar to that described in the RFQ (with the exception of support for Prop. 218 and/or Prop. 26 elections). Does the SFKGSA see a collaborative approach between the current consultant and one selected through the RFQ, or will the scope of work between consultants be refined subsequent to the RFQ selection process?
A: The hydrogeologist SFKGSA contracted with is tasked to assist only in the near term with limited, time-sensitive needs pertaining to the County of Kings’ development of a hydrologic model for the Tulare Lake Subbasin. Responding firms may include any in-house or sub-consultant team members believed to be qualified and applicable to the future needs of the SFKGSA.

Q: I was glad to see the clarification you posted on Tuesday (first Q&A above). Prior to the posting, I had read the March 8th meeting minutes (agenda item 15) and we had decided not to submit qualifications. Given the new information, we have reconsidered and would like to submit. I have the following question regarding the RFQ: Would the SFKGSA consider extending the submittal due date to accommodate firms that have expressed an interest in the project, based on the answer provided to the first question submitted? An extension to July 21st would be appreciated. However, we notice you have a special Board meeting on July 20th. If the SFKGSA intends to review the submittals at that meeting, an extension to the 17th or 18th would be appreciated.
A: Apologies for any confusion other information on the website may have caused, but unfortunately we are unable to extend the deadline. A July 20th special meeting was scheduled in part so that the Board may consider a recommendation regarding the current RFQ. The management ad-hoc committee needs time beforehand to review the responses, then meet to discuss and agree on a recommendation to include in the Board agenda packet. The foregoing needs to be completed by no later than July 14th so that the agenda can be posted by the 17th.

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